Current Research and Annotated Articles - Sexual Abuse Victims


Psychological, Physiological & Neurological Effects of Trauma on Victims of Sexual Abuse -- An Essay: Noel Clark  

Braun's BASK Model of Dissociation

Spectrum of Dissociative Disorders-Overview

Psychological Defense Mechanisms

 Signs & Symptoms of Trauma

R. Fivush - Developmental Perspectives on Autobiographical Recall

Iaccino - Brain Hemispheric Specialization

Memory and amnesia -an introduction

MRI-Based Measurement of Hippocampal Volume in PTSD related to Childhood Physical & Sexual Abuse-A Preliminary Report

The Myth of the Good Mother - Opinion (John Waters)

Current Research-Implications for False Memory Syndrome

Recovered memories of abuse in women with documented child sexual victimization histories

Memories of Child Sexual Abuse: A Response to Lindsay & Read

The use of art as an adjunct therapy for trauma survivors and perpetrators

Non-Rational Guilt in Victims of Trauma

False Memory Syndrome Facts Site - No Frames

Critique of Research Studies by Pope, et. el.

"Lost in a Shopping Mall" - Breach of Professional Ethics I - Crook/Dean

"Lost in a Shopping Mall"-Breach of Professional Ethics 2 - Crook/Dean

  Combining Art & Brief Journaling To Aid the Recovery Process



Fairy Ishtar


As I recall, when my daughter was young, she went through a stage when she was afraid of the dark. I presented her with a Fairy which acted as a Guardian of the Night - the light that doesn't fail, the sparkle of Hope that is our guide through the Darkness. May she guide all survivors in their journey to wholeness and peace. Survivors may find comfort under the links of Creativity Writing & Inspiration, or Dreams, Poetry & Symbolism.






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